Since you are here I assume that you want to know something about me so let’s start.

My name is Ivan Paulin, I am a freelance web developer who works from beautiful country Croatia.

I’ve started my career as a web developer and as a freelancer somewhere back in 2013. It was a time when I was in the last year of my college and I needed to write my graduation thesis, so I’ve decided to write about web development and at the same time learn more about web programming. I’ve started with some HTML and CSS courses and then I’ve continued with PHP and MySQL courses. I’ve used knowledge from this courses to create a web application which was meant to be used by professors on Polytechnic of Rijeka and which was part of my graduation thesis. I’m not sure whether they still use it now but they did use it back then.

A few months later and lots of coding and documentation writing I managed to create my first web application without mentorship and got my Bachelors degree in Professional Study of Information Science. Month or two after, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of freelancing and I immediately started to love this way of working.

I work as a freelance web developer till now. I also had a full-time job in two web agencies during these years, but I’ve returned to being a full-time freelancer because I love to have more freedom in making my schedule and choosing the projects I want to work on.

So far I’ve worked as a front-end and back-end developer on all kind of projects, from small presentation websites to bit more complex projects like real estate crowdfunding platform. Most of the projects that I’ve worked on were built on WordPress and I can say that I’m really good at WordPress development. Whether it’s theme development, plugin development, WooCommerce development, any type of WordPress development. Don’t believe me? Send me details about your project and I will assure you that I’m a good developer.

I’ve also volunteered on WordCamp Split 2016 and WordCamp Zagreb 2017 in Croatia. I love to be a part of WordPress community and contribute to WordPress in different ways. One of them is by developing this plugin called WooCommerce Country Based Payments on which I’m very proud.

If you want to discuss with me about anything, feel free to reach me on the contact page or on Twitter, or say hello when you see me in live. 🙂